AVW chooses the legendary Sloane Avenue, as a backdrop to commemorate the label’s first Collection and a trip through history in alliance with the Antinori wine house. Aptly encompassing the beauty of Tuscan hospitality between refined finishes, classic yet contemporary allure, references to Florentine splendour and the gold Giglio, symbol of Florence...

While the mind of the observer immerses in this rich and welcoming atmosphere with interludes of joy and energy through traditional cuisine made modern. In true Italian style, there is full expression, authenticity, and decedent design to transport the senses.

In a place where beauty seeks and finds other beauty, Cantinetta Antinori gives life to a special project that reminds the world of just how much Tuscany embodies and encourages people to live life - passionately.

Within this unique and precious abode, a sense of tranquillity feels restored amidst the hustle and bustle of London. AVW unveils a series of jewels designed to pay tribute to Italian culture and impeccable taste, with timepieces to mark a new era that never forgets the essence of where its story began.

‘Cent’Anni d'Amore’, AVW

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