Anna Von Westen was founded in Milan in 2015 by the talented AnnaMaria Biernikowicz, using her great-great-grandfather’s surname. ‘AVW’ offers harmonious, handcrafted creations in assorted iterations of yellow and white gold diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires, which are a joy to behold at and to wear.

The AVW brand soon moved to London to begin its global development, establishing definitive roots in romantic and modern styles with each unique piece designed to be worn on any occasion.

The launch of the new collection marks an evolution of this signature line, characterised by an interplay of white and yellow gold, with precious stones nestled in an abundance of surrounding diamonds. Each creation effortlessly radiates beauty, for timeless pieces made to endure.

The use of premier grade diamonds in various sizes and carats have become Anna von Westen’s hallmark for remarkable designs that blend and sharpen shapes that are eternally graceful.

Melodious, launched in 2023, is an enchanting collection of gold, diamonds, and gemstones clustered together to emanate pure light. Embodying a new phase for the AVW brand, Melodious orchestrates a definitive direction for what’s to come.

Melodious reflects the refined taste and exquisite craftsmanship of those who co-imagined, conceived, and created it, capturing and calling upon the essence of those who will love it and wear it forever.

London, United Kingdom

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